Krass Judgement

Krass Judgement

Krass Judgement was founded in mid 1990’s by Ray Duran. Ray had played in a variety of cover bands for many years but after time, he grew tired of playing covers. Being a huge fan of the underground metal scene, Ray wanted to stick to his love of a heavier more brutal sound. Ray started writing his own material and Krass Judgement was born. After going through some struggles with the band line up, Krass Judgement released their first CD “You Got This”. Upon the release of their first CD the band performed their first live show opening up to a sold out crowd for Overkill. The band spent some time heavily promoting their name and the new CD while working their way up to bigger and better shows in the Northern Va. area. Along the way the band hit a few bumps in the road with more line up changes but was soon ready to start writing new material for their second album “We Bring It”. By this time Krass Judgement had built a wide spread fan base in the Northern Va. area. Metal fans loved Krass Judgement’s unique sound as well as the bands in your face thrash riffs. With the death of the “grunge” scene and the wake of the “alternative” scene, Krass Judgement was a refreshing sound to a then struggling metal scene.   

By now Krass Judgement had built their way up in the local scene, playing numerous shows across Virginia, North Carolina, New York and Maryland. Gaining respect from many local venues which brought them the opportunities to play with National Acts from Kreator to Soul Fly and many more nationally recognized Metal bands.

 Two years after the release of “We Bring It’, the band was ready to start recording again. During the recording process the band hit another snag in the road and was again faced with line up changes but, Ray forged ahead and recorded a CD of old songs with all new members. The new members brought a new and fresh spark to Krass Judgement and made the new release “Redo’s” faster and more brutal then anything the band had release previously. Holding that momentum, Krass Judgement also released a live CD “Live From Stairway East” as a teaser of what fans would be seeing with a new and reformed Krass Judgement.

 The band has seen its up’s and down’s but continues to grow musically. After a few years of more line up changes and constantly playing shows up and down the east coast, Krass Judgement has forged themselves into one of the most unique metal bands around. With their heavy grooves and their rip-your-face-off  riff’s the band has made themselves a staple in the local metal scene.

Intent in not giving up Krass Judgement released their newest album “Praying For A God That Never Comes” in April of 2010. Undeniably, this is the bands most brutal and skilled CD to date. This CD kicks you in the teeth and keeps kicking, never letting up for a second. Praying for a God That Never Comes has gotten numerous excellent reviews from local media and fans alike.

With a now thriving Metal scene, Krass Judgement is a force to be reckoned with. The band is continuing to belt out the most brutal thrash metal your ears have ever encountered. There is no doubt that Krass Judgement will leave their mark on the metal scene.